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UKECA Membership Request Criteria

Any electronic cigarette vendor can apply for membership to UKECA subject to meeting the minimum criteria for membership and payment of the membership subscription. As a fully paid member of UKECA you will benefit from increased consumer confidence which in turn can have a dramatic impact on your ecigarette sales and overall business performance. Because the UKECA has a strict membership criteria and screens all its members consumers can feel assured that they are dealing with a trusted reputable ecigarette vendor. UKECA members are dedicated to offering quality guaranteed products,  quality customer service and provide clear product guidelines and messaging.

Business Membership Package

Membership UKECA Logo

As a fully paid member of the UKECA you can display the official member UKECA logo on all your marketing material. The logo clearly states that you have achieved full member status. By displaying our logo consumers can see that you are a fully registered member of the United Kingdom Electronic Cigarette Association...

Member Business Page

As part of your membership you will receive a full business page with photos, your business description, address and full contact details (all supplied by you). Your full business page will be displayed in our 'Members A-Z' section and also within our 'Area Section' so users can search for you based on location. you have 24hr 365 days a year access to update and edit your business page through your own secure login details...

Website Hyperlink (Do Follow)

If you have a website you can place a 'Do Follow' link from your business page to your website and as you know because the UKECA is an authority website this link will be good for SEO letting Google know you are a genuine ecigarette website...

Technical & Business Support

The UKECA is dedicated to helping all its members and offers a wealth of technical and business support including discount on FSB membership, discount on business insurance, 50% discount on website design, 50% discount on professional Search Engine Optimization services plus lots more...

Membership Cost

Membership application is subject to an annual fee of GB 259.00 and subject to the vendor meeting the minimum electronic cigarette business criteria outlined below.

Minimum Business Criteria

1. Your business must make no medical claims regarding, but not limited to: safety, health benefits, smoking cessation.
2. Your business ensures its product packaging does not appeal to young adults (e.g. cartoons, candy, etc.)
3. Ensure marketing materials do not appeal to young adults
4. Show prominently, the EU/UK approved warning on products that contain nicotine, on print materials, and throughout member websites.
5. When offering e-liquid, ensure all containers have child-safety caps.
6. When offering e-liquid, the maximum size bottle containing nicotine will be 30ml.
7. Show clearly, lot numbers and product manufactured dates on individual cartridge packaging (applies also to e-liquid).
8. Show clearly, nicotine level on individual cartridge packaging (applies also to e-liquid).
9. List all basic ingredients on any two items below:
9a) Product Packaging
9b) Instruction Card
9c) Company Website
10. All UKECA members will have in-office staff available to expeditiously field incoming customer service issues during normal business hours.
11. All UKECA members must display on their websites their place of business and address where consumers may conduct business in person. No P.O. Boxes. (Brick and Mortar Business Only).
12. When offering e-liquid, ensure: all e-liquid containers have child-safety caps, the maximum size bottle containing nicotine will be 30ml (Europe 10ml), the maximum nicotine level sold to consumer is no greater than) 24 mg/ml or 2.4” of total volume of cartridge
13. Display nicotine levels numerically (e.g. 24 mg), and/or show percentage (e.g. 24 mg/ml=2.4%)
14. Instruct consumers on electronic cigarette packaging that all components of the electronic cigarettes are fully recyclable and how best to dispose of old products.
15. Ensure, with reasonable certainty (e.g. verification services), online buyers to be of legal age to purchase age. E-cig distributors are responsible to abide by all UK legislation in regard to age verification for the purchase of product.
16. Ensure, with reasonable certainty (e.g. photo ID), in-person buyers to be of legal age to purchase nicotine eliquid or ecigarette products.
18. Not offer Free Trials (a money back guarantee is sufficient).
19. Have and enforce a Terms and Conditions Agreement for consumer sales and with any resellers who will accept and enforce all the UK rules and regulations regarding the sale of e-cigs.
20. Agree to submit a single cartridge/e-liquid for random testing if required by UKECA and that all samples will be sent within 3 days of notification.

If your business meets the above minimum criteria you can apply for membership here: (
NOTE: You may apply to the Members A-Z section and also to the county you are located within. Please drill down to the specific County.). Membership inclusion is charged at £148.00 per annum per business.